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Balancer Procedure

The picture above shows the left side of the engine, (note the shift lever), with the rubber plug protecting the balancer adjustment bolt.

Balancer Cover Off

The picture above shows the rubber plug removed, and the balancer adjustment bolt exposed, 8mm.

1. Ride bike to warm up, but then SHUT IT OFF! The bike should NOT be running.

2. Lean bike to the right, braced against a wall or something. Nothing dramatic, just
something roughly equal to the angle it has when it's on the sidestand.

3. Loosen balancer bolt just enough to be free of the lock tension, about a quarter turn
CCW. Disregard this step if the bolt's already loose!

4. Tighten bolt back just to the point where it grabs, then back it off again, one half
turn CCW.

5. Lightly tap bolt head with plastic mallet.

6. Tighten bolt to 8n-m / 5.75 ft-lbs / 69in-lbs.