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From Brian Sodders:

Not too long ago, my KLR's kickstand sunk into the dirt and the bike tipped on the laft side. Like many others, my mirror mount broke and I've since ordered a relocator from Arrowhead Motorsports in Utah.

Not accepting defeat, I've devised a plan to fix the broken mount and while it won't be as strong as the original, it is, at least, cosmetically much better than the broken stem and cheaper than a new switch.

Repair a Broken Mirror Mount

First, I had to find a bolt the same thread as the mirror, which is M10x1.25. The bolt just needs to protrude through the broken piece and into the remaining threads below. Coat the bolt with a little grease, start the threads and run the bolt through untill you reach the other side.

Repair a Broken Mirror Mount

Then mix 2 part epoxy and apply sparingly to both the base and the broken off part.

Repair a Broken Mirror Mount

Mix 2 part epoxy and apply sparingly to both the base and the broken-off part. Align the base and the broken part, and with a firm grip, thread the bolt through all the way - but not tight.

Repair a Broken Mirror Mount

When the epoxy is dry unthread the bolt and thread the mirror in using Locktite. Presto, it's fixed! The epoxy is sandable and paintable for the meticulous types.

The clamp that holds the clutch lever on is another story. I repaired it the same way but it is twisted so it won't work too well. The OEM replacment part # is : 11036-1297, 'BRACKET-A, LEVER HOLDER